Wanna offset carbon?

Now you can every time you fly with us. For every dollar you spend to help Southwest offset its carbon emissions, we’ll not only match your contribution, but also give you Rapid Rewards® bonus points (i).

(i) Carbon dioxide emissions for flight activity are estimated using several factors such as: aircraft type, fuel consumption, and load factor. Emission estimates are based on the fleet-wide distance-weighted average performance of Southwest’s flights from the Second Quarter of 2021. Southwest’s emissions estimates do not quantify the potential climate change impact of non-CO2 emissions resulting from a flight.

(ii) Taxes and fees will not be matched by Southwest or earn points. Rapid Rewards® Members can earn 10 Rapid Rewards bonus points per dollar contributed towards the purchase of offsets for Southwest up to a maximum of 500 Rapid Rewards bonus points per month. Points will only be awarded to the Rapid Rewards Member’s Rapid Rewards account number entered at the time of the carbon offset transaction. (iii) All offsets will be retired in the name of Southwest Airlines Co. Terms and conditions apply.


Take off. Give back. Get rewarded.


Add your flight details to our calculator to estimate how much carbon dioxide is emitted from your trip, then you can contribute to help offset Southwest’s carbon emissions (i)(iii).


You’ll earn ten (10) Rapid Rewards® bonus points for every one U.S. dollar ($1) contributed toward the purchase of offsets for Southwest. Up to a maximum of 500 Rapid Rewards bonus points per month (ii). Not a member? Sign up for free.

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Because we’re the airline with Heart, for every dollar you contribute, we will contribute a dollar to the purchase of additional offsets for Southwest to support global projects (ii).

Your contribution makes a difference.

Every time you show our planet love by contributing, you’ll be supporting global projects like the ones below (i).

The Guatemalan Conservation Coast

Located in Izabal, on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala, the project finances the establishment of new nature reserves and supports an existing natural forest, avoiding CO2 emissions that would result from unplanned deforestation and degradation.

Los Santos Wind Power Project in Costa Rica

The national electrical grid in Costa Rica has greatly expanded in recent years, with further investment in diesel generation facilities planned. This project generates clean electricity and avoids around 15,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, which would have been generated by other power plants connected to the national electrical grid. It is also the first wind power project to be developed in Costa Rica by a rural electrification cooperative.

Kootznoowoo Improved Forest Management Project

This project offers a sustainable economic engine for the Kootznoowoo Alaska Native Village Corporation to continue safeguarding their land and preserving their cultural heritage for the long term. The carbon revenue allows the Tlingit people to protect more than 20,000 acres of forest, including 8,000 acres of old-growth land that could otherwise undergo significant commercial timber harvesting. Maintaining the existing forest avoids CO2 emissions that would result from aggressive timber extraction and loss of carbon stock.


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